stac88Our Residents freephone number is:
0800 917 7237

M & R has built a strong professional relationship with all residents when working on cyclical contracts and projects.

How we work

Before you hear from us, you should have received a letter from your landlord stating that we will be contacting you concerning external and communal repairs and redecoration.

You will then receive an introduction letter from us within a few weeks to a few months with an estimate of when works will start on your premises. We aim to write to you 7 days prior to commencing work in your home, and this will be an opportunity for you to contact the resident liaison officer to discuss any concerns you may have.

Normally, these works consist of painting/varnishing and surface that has been previously painted or varnished such as:

  • Walls
  • Timber doors
  • Windows
  • Frames
  • Soffits
  • Metal gutters and downpipes.

Please note, we do not paint any plastic surfaces such as UPVc windows, doors & gutters. These are cleaned out and washed down instead.

Identification Photo ID

All M&R operatives carry photo ID at all times and we ask that you do not let anyone into your home without it and under no circumstances should you permit any person to enter your property if they fail to produce / display a proper identity card.

The details of your Resident Liaison Officer will be included in your introduction letter, and this person will be your primary M&R point of contact throughout the works process. We will endeavour to make this as easy as possible for you.

Resident satisfaction levels – up again: 96.8%

At M&R we undertake our own monthly sample surveys of end users and also hold monthly client reviews concerning service levels. These systems are integrated into our Quality Management system and the results are monitored and actioned at Director level during monthly management review meetings.

We send out ten of our own questionnaires per month to randomly selected end users to gather our data. In addition to this, our clients normally send their own questionnaire to every end user and sometimes we help them with this. The results from our own recent satisfaction surveys are as follows:

Performance indicator Year to Date
Politeness / friendliness 97%
Tidiness 97%
Keeping appointments 97%
Quality of work 96%
Resolving complaints / queries 95%
Overall satisfaction 96.8%

The results above were gathered from Residents across the South of England for work on external and communal repairs programmes. The results from our clients’ own surveys are within a few percentage points of this on both the high and low side.

Windows & Doors: a sticky situation

The most common complaint we receive from residents is that their windows or doors become stuck having been painted. It is one of our top priorities to reduce this as it causes huge inconvenience to residents as well as a need to revisit properties already finished.

We strongly encourage residents to help us to reduce this by periodically (i.e. every three to four hours after painting) opening and closing windows after painting. It is most common for sliding sash windows like these to get stuck.

We are actively looking at ways to reduce this by reviewing our literature and innovative products. Sometimes however, if the window is closed when wet and not opened for several months, the problem is unavoidable. If your windows are stuck, please contact us at the office on 020 8680 4590 and we will free it up for you.