workman-1ISO 14001 – We are pleased to be one of the first maintenance contractors to be awarded this prestigious certification for our environmental policies.

With the importance of climate change and reducing CO2 emissions at the centre of procurement and the future of our children, we have made the environment a top priority in the day to day activities at M&R.

Our certification was received in 2008 and provides comfort to clients that by choosing M&R, they too will be doing their bit for the environment. Our certification is by a UKAS accredited company, which is independently certified requires that we maintain and implement strict procedures for the control of waste & CO2 emissions and control of environmental accidents. This UKAS accredited certificate requires meeting vigorous independent audits unlike the non-UKAS equivalent held by some of our competitors which is simply obtained by paying a subscription.

Environmental Policy Statement

At M&R Refurbishments our aim is to reduce any negative impacts of our operations and to make a positive contribution to our surroundings. We are committed to minimising adverse impact on the environment by maintaining a continuous assessment and awareness of our environmental responsibilities.

Our Company is engaged in building repair, renovation and repair. The related activities are not known to create severe pollution problems; however, M&R Refurbishments is committed to:

We strive for the prevention of pollution and the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, throughout the organisation and its activities, by means of an audited environmental management system. This commitment is communicated, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation:

  • Set objectives and targets relating to Environmental Performance.
  • Seek to utilise technologies that minimise energy usage and reduce waste.
  • The Company encourages the education and training of its employees and contractors on environmental issues.
  • The Company’s policy is to meet and where practical, exceed the requirements of all applicable legislation and standards.
  • Make our environmental policy and objectives publicly available to interested parties upon request.

As part of our code of Conduct and Practice we respect the natural environment and seek to conserve resources wherever possible.
Our Environmental Management System is progressively being introduced to coincide with our long-term business objectives and it seeks to:

  • Comply with all environmental legislation
  • Reduce waste at source via efficient use of resources and encourage recycling of waste
  • Work towards increasing efficiency at all times
  • Monitor and improve the performance of all equipment and vehicles owned by the Company
  • Progressively make employees aware of the environmental issues relevant to their role within the Company
  • Take into account the adverse impact on the environment of any capital expenditure project
  • Maintain respect for natural resources by ensuring the most efficient use of materials and by using renewable, recycled and recyclable products wherever possible
  • Ensure the responsible use of energy by conserving energy, improving energy efficiency, seeking to utilise safer energy sources and giving preference to renewable over finite energy resources wherever possible
  • Minimise the effects of atmospheric pollution from transport

Environmental Goals

Achieving ISO 14001 certification is the first step on the road for M&R to achieving our ultimate goal ­ to become carbon neutral. Our goals are to:

  • Recycle paper, cardboard, printer toners, fluorescent light bulbs, paper cups, cans and bottles
  • Encourage electricity saving by switching of lights and equipment when not in use
  • The use of energy saving light bulbs
    Water saving flush systems in toilets
  • Documentation is printed double sided
  • Centralised electronic storage of information for access by all rather than printing emails and documents
  • Where possible we work with suppliers to ensure they operate to environmental management systems
  • We are conducting a piece of research to establish what policies and procedures their organisations have in place and the impact of these. We will use this information to provide recommendations to our Board to help drive responsible environmental care.