M&R are committed to the promotion of equality and diversity in both the way we treat and recruit our own staff and the way treat our customers.

Equality & Diversity Policy – General Statement

M&R Refurbishments Limited is committed to the principle of the Equality Act 2010 and the principle that no employee or job applicant shall receive unfavourable treatment on the grounds of race, religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability and/or all discrimination which includes that based protected characteristics or perception.

Our aims are:

That our workforce will be truly representative of all sections of society
That all employees feel respected and able to give of their best
That all and any forms of discrimination shall be effaced, both within the Company and throughout our business and social activities, wheresoever our influence may extend and wherever we may be in attendance or represented.

The Managers have responsibility to ensure that his or her treatment of employees, and the decisions and approach taken within their own sphere of operations are devoid of discriminatory practices.

This Policy is inclusive of all other corporate policies which cover forms of discrimination and it is hereby stated that such other policies, relevant to our commitment towards the eradication of discrimination in all forms, remain an integral part of this, our overall Equality Policy. Such other Policies are therefore part of our portfolio of Policies and are available for scrutiny and reference purposes until and unless circumstances or legal statute requires there removal. All such Policies are reviewed according to necessity and at least yearly.

A Director is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this Policy. The Directors will give full backing to this Policy and will support all those who endeavour to carry it out.

Promoting Equality and Diversity at M&R

M&R has specific strategies for continuously improving equality and diversity including policies and procedures for:

Promoting equal opportunities
Tackling race discrimination
Promoting age equality
Reducing disability discrimination
Reducing sexual harassment
Reducing other forms of harassment
Discipline & dismissal
Training and promotion
Recruitment and selection

Copies of these policies and procedures and evidence of enforcement are available if required.
The evidence

One example of where M&R have begun to promote diversity is in its recruitment procedure. Previously, many trade operatives were employed via word of mouth.

However, M&R have now introduced a standard set of forms to use for recruitment to ensure information provided by candidates is in a consistent format. In addition, M&R will now recruit most of their staff through adverts and notices that will reach candidates from diverse backgrounds such as local job centres and papers in Croydon.

Within our client base we can show many examples of the way in which we treat people, both clients and end-users of our services:
On multiple occasions we have adjusted our services provision for residents with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). For example, on one occasion we have had to ensure all windows and doors were kept closed at all times whilst they were in the property due to an irrational fear of spiders. This resulted in a significant delay to the completion of the works, but in the end it did mean that we managed to complete the works for the client.

On other occasions we have made frequent use of the language line service to communicate with residents from non-English speaking households. This ensures that they receive the same quality of service and have the same input into any decisions involving residents as their English speaking neighbours.