workman-2Our Quality Control System

M&R have a quality control system that was put together over several months in partnership with Dr Paul Castle of HSQS Ltd. The system is certified by a UKAS accredited certification body ACS Registrars as being fully compliant with ISO 9001.

The system covers all aspects of quality control and customer satisfaction. It includes not only quality of work on site, but also the quality & reliability of day to day operations such as IT, communication, training, accounting, staff succession etc.

The quality control system involves a suite of fully documented procedures and policies for all areas involving the day to day running of the company.

All procedures, document templates and records are controlled with individual document and revision numbers. For each document, our database includes a list of people within the company that revisions should be issued to.

Preparation and application

At the heart of M&R’s ethos is our commitment to a high-quality service and finished product.

‘80% of painting is in the preparation’ – All contractors will say it, but how many of them put it into practice?

At M&R we have long realised that for painted surfaces to stand the test of time, surfaces must be prepared properly and paint applied in three coats. So many of our clients have had problems with paint flaking off of newly painted housing within a year of repainting. Clients have no redress for these problems having already paid for the work and the contractor long gone.

The preparation quality cycle


The importance of good surface preparation is instilled into all of our workforce at M&R. We separate our trades into two separate sections each with their own foreman, preparation and painting and our paintingteam are under instruction to refuse to paint any poorly prepared surface.

Quality is at the heart of M&R’s brand promise

There is an effective system for Quality Assurance based on the outcomes for clients, in which standards and indicators to be achieved are clearly defined and monitored on a continuous basis by our staff and their line managers in accordance with Service Level Agreements in place.

Standards and the QA process are reviewed and revised as necessary, on an annual basis. A copy of the Company’s Quality Manual is held in the General Office and may be viewed at any time by request.

Quality is at the heart of M&R’s brand promise. We understand that quality and reliability of our services are among the most important factors driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We want our customers to know that M&R provides high quality of service in all areas including the use of quality materials, quality workmanship and quality communication systems at all times.

We aim to achieve this by adherence to the following principles.

  • Set quality objectives that are monitored and reviewed regularly
  • Follow the ISO 9001:2015 for quality and by promoting operational excellence
  • Promote the continuous improvement of our activities
  • Analyse the whole company performances
  • Inform and train permanent and temporary employees to problems linked to quality
  • Check the understanding, implementation and maintenance of our policy to all company levels
  • Review our Quality policy annually to in order that it stays up to date
  • Encourage our partners to commit themselves in a similar way